Led Screens Applications

Led Screens are the most effective outdoor Advertising medium, but their flexibility made them popular also for other applications, such as Sports, Events and Mobile.

Led Screens are Flexible: you are no longer need the printed artwork. You can schedule different ads to run at different times and you can create several different ads to rotate.

Led Screens are Time-Sensitive: you can create different ads for different times of the day. For example, you can advertise breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening.

Led Screen is Cost-Effective: you no longer do you have to pay to have vinyl produced for your board. Nor do you have to watch your artwork fade or be ripped to shreds. The cost of your artwork is just the cost of layout and design.

LED Screens for Advertising

Digital Billboards

Used by advertising companies worldwide that resell commercial spaces to their Customers. Our advertising led screen is designed for indoor and outdoor use and is inteded for long viewing distances (from 5 meters and up). Euro Display's Plug-And-Play System is incredibly straigh-forward and makes the advertising digital billboards easy to use even for first time users.

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LED Screens for Sports

Electronic Billboards

Used in Stadium and Arenas by sports teams to resell advertising spaces to their sponsors and advertisers. Sports Led Screens are specifically developed for the usage at stadiums as Led Banners Screens or as a classic Sports Electronic Billboards. The modular system of our Led Screen allows assembling in any shape and size.

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Led Walls for Events

Led Video Walls

Used by Audio-Video Rentals companies, for service and staging purposes during event and shows of any kind (eg. concerts, fashion shows, meetings...). Our Event and Entertainment Led Screen is the final result of a long cooperation with a leading European Audio-Video Rental company. This equipment puts together with the superior image quality of Euro Display makes the Event Led Video Walls probably the fastest assembling and the brightest in the world.

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Mobile Led Screen

Led Billboards

Used by advertising agencies and audio-video rentals companies, our Mobile Led Screens are ideal to create a network able to cover quickly and easily events and shows nation-wide. Most of the Mobile Led Billboards can be driven with a normal drive license and, thanks to its integrated system, the Led Screen can start to broadcast within a few minutes from the arrival.

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