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In this section you will find in-depth tutorials and learning material on several commonly discussed topics in the LED Screens industry.

Some of them are of technical nature, but we also focus our attention on the marketing side of the LED Screens business. You will thus find useful tips on how to market your Digital Billboard effectively so that you can get more customers.

For further information, please refer to our LED Screens Glossary and Digital Billboards FAQ sections.

Silicon Encapsulation, 100% Waterproofness

Silicon Encapsulation for Waterproofness

It Can Work Undewater for Years

The led tiles for outdoor digital billboards are completely encapsulated in a thich bed of a special silicon gel. This particular coating keeps out humidity so well that our led tiles can be completely submerged in water and keep working for years without any problem (see image above).

SMD 3-in-1 State of the Art Technology

SMD 3-in-1 State of the Art Technology

The Latest Breakthru in LED Screens

SMD 3-in-1 LEDs are the latest technology in the industry and it is gaining popularity due to its advantages, such as higher color uniformity and larger visibility angle. After carefully testing this technology, EuroDisplay became the first manufacturer to introduce a complete range of products both for indoor and outdoor led screens (8 models for indoor, 6 for outdoor).

Color Calibration for Realistic Colors. Always.

Color Calibration for Realistic Colors. Always.

The Most Realistic Colors Ever

EuroDisplay's color calibration technology is a step ahead of its competitors, since 1978. Thanks to this state-of-the-art technology, the led screens look perfect even in full sunlight when most led screens show unrealistic colors and poor image quality (see image above).

Better Image Quality, Even in Full Sunlight

Make Sure People See You

Make Sure People Can See You

With 20% - 25% more LEDs per square meter than most competitors and with the use of only best components available on the market, Euro Display led screens provide a brighter and sharper image. That's why the led boards are clearly visible even in direct sunlight (see image above).

Wider Color Palette, Better Images

Wider Color Palette, Better Images

An Outstanding 17 Bit Per Color Technology

The advanced image processing capabilities with 17 bits per color (51 bits in total) improved by our developers in over 33 years, provide EuroDisplay led screens with the widest color palette probably available in the industry. With 280 billions colors, images and videos are more vibrant and realistic on a EuroDisplay led screen (see image above).

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