Discover the 4 Differences Between Led Screens

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Euro Display is a digital billboards supplier since 1978 and it has the widest range of products available on the market.

Based on over 30 years of industry experience, EuroDisplay has created 3 ranges of led screens, designed according to different customer needs.

In this video you will discover what are the differences between these 3 product ranges.

The 4 Differences

There are4 differences and they are listed when you build your Led Screen online, here. The differences are:

  • The type of LED
  • The Power Supplies
  • The Control Electronic
  • The Cabinet

Let's look at them into details, one by one.

#1 L.E.D.

The type of LED

The LEDs are the most important component of led screens and they have the biggest impact on the final price of the product.

As in any other industry, there are several manufacturers of leds, which all have different specifications and different price ranges.

For example, in the fastScreen range we use leds from AXT, one of the main worldwide suppliers. These are standard leds, of good quality but at an incredibly competitive price.

In the easyScreen range, we use leds made by another famous supplier, on our precise specifications. These are high quality leds and their performances are comparable to Cree leds, but at a lower cost.

In the proScreen range we use the best leds in the world, 100% Nichia. These LED screens are among the most professional in the world.

#2 Power Supplies

The Power

Power supplies are a key component for the reliability of any led screen. And they are the second main difference, immediately after the type of led.

As always, there are several type of power supplies available on the market and our technicians have selected the most suitable for each range.

The fastScreen range mounts standard power supply, which provide good performances and reliability at a very competitive price.

In the easyScreen range we use high-performance power supplies. In addition to ensuring superior reliability, these power supplies have the best price-performance ratio on the market today.

In the proScreen range we use power supplies that are both high performance and autorange. These autorange power supplies can adjust automatically to the frequency and voltage of any power supply network. They are particularly useful on electronic billboards for events.

#3 Control Electronic

Your Electronics

Another important component of led screens is the control electronic unit, which determines the image quality.

In the fastScreen range we mount a standard electronic system, identical to the one used on 90% of the LED billboards on the market. But on this control system we've made two critical technical improvements that make this standard electronic more efficient.

The easyScreen range is mounting an advanced electronic control unit at 14-bit, which is probably the most powerful on the market in this price range today.

The proScreen range is equipped with a professional electronic control unit, developed for the showbusiness. This control system has a 17 bits per color technology, which is one of the most advanced worldwide.

#4 Cabinet


The cabinet is the shell that encloses all of this technology. Unlike other suppliers on the market, we believe that the cabinet is a critical component, because of its protective function.

The fastScreen range has a steel cabinet, very robust and without frills. In a nutshell, this is a cabinet designed pragmatically that protects the other components in an effective manner.

The easyScreen range has a steel cabinet with an extra high-resistance anti-corrosive treatment. This treatment allows the cabinet to stand saltiness, high humidity and the lowest temperatures without any problem.

The proScreen range has an aluminum cabinet, very light and resistant. Ideal for events and temporary applications, or on fixed installations which require a lighter overall weight.

Summary of 4 Differences

The 4 Differences between the LED Screens

So the differences are:

  • The type of LED (AXT, EuroDisplay or Nichia)
  • The Power Supplies (Taiwan, High Performance or Autorange)
  • The Control Electronic (8 bits, 14 bits or 17 bits per color)
  • The Cabinet (Stainless Steel, High-Resistance or Aluminum)

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