How to Get the Permit to Install an LED Screen

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Why It's So Challenging to Get the Permit

In most European countries (and worldwide) getting the permission for the installation of a LED video wall is the first (and not always easy) step. Fullcolor LED Screens are still a pretty new technology (they have been around for about 10 years) and in most countries they haven't been precisely regulated by law.

As a result, there is not a uniformed way to deal with such requests. Most of the time, there is not even a standard form valid for the entire country.

Such lack of legislation in the regulation system is therefore filled by each City Hall's judgement, according to their approach towards new businesses and new technologies (obstructive or cooperative).

Unfortunately most of the time people at the public office will not know what the LED screen is, because it's new and different from any type of static signage that they are used to.

This difference from the well-known static signs makes them feel uncomfortable and it's often a reason for being obstructive, negating the permission. In order to avoid problems for doing something wrong indeed, they prefer not to provide the authorization at all.

The good news is that not all City Halls are the same. For example, in Italy a group of 9 cities gathered together, applied for a European fund and installed a network of 9 LED screens. They organized the broadcast time in order to have some content in common and some other specifically crafted for each city.

Another good example is provided by the United States, which I believe are at the forefront concerning the procedures for LED billboard implementation. For example the Florida State has a website where you can find all the information you need when submitting the request, you can download the online form or even access a database to check who and where has a outdoor advertising license.

Due to the lack of a precise national regulation, each Administration decides according to its own judgement whether provide the authorization or not. This may result sometimes in a situation where you can't install a LED screens in your town, but if you submit your proposal to the cities nearby, you could get the authorization to install the LED screen in their territory.

If you live in a Country were there is not a precise law regulating the installation of LED screens, than submitting the proposal can be very frustrating. Without a national law, each City Hall decides at its own judgment to give or not the permit, therefore you don't know what the rules of the game are.

By directly managing a electronic billboard nearby Turin, we lived on our skin this frustration and we have heard any kind of story from our customers. As a result we now have a little experience in dealing with the City Halls, and we developed what we think is the best way to submit your request.

Top 5 Tips to Get the Authorization

1) Talk to the Right Person

Before spending hours and hours talking to an uninterested employee that will have NO impact in whether the request is accepted or not, try to understand who really has decision power in this matter. Very often the right person is the Chief of Local Police, and not the Major as you may think.

2) Start Slowly

One of the main reasons for rejection is fear of the unknown. That's why if you ask for the authorization for a High Technology digital billboard your request will be almost surely dismissed.

Ask for the authorization for a “bright sign” or “digital billboard” instead. This way is much more similar to a common tri-vision billboard that at the public office are used to deal with.

3) Be Professional

Asking for the authorization is probably the most important moment of your business. If you don't get it, you won't even start.

So be prepared in advance for this important meeting. Write a formal request on your company's head paper, submit a picture of the place where you want to install the screen and attach a planometric drawing of the area, better if made by a professional.

In order to support you in this phase, we created a new service to help you with the submission of your request. Ask your EuroDisplay advisor for more info.

4) Show What's In It For Them

As any human being, the person you talk to will take actions according to two fundamentals emotions: fear to loose and desire to gain.

Show them how the City Hall could benefit from your installation (e.g. timely communication to citizens, free ad spaces…) and you will be one step closer to get the authorization.

5) Don't Be Discouraged, Be Committed

Don't expect to get a “yes!” the first time you try: if it does work in a City, try with the City nearby. Remember that anytime a new Administration is elected, it is a new chance for you.

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If you would like to purchase the Authorization Request specifically created for your project by our experienced Marketing team, please click below (now for just 97 € and delivered within 24 hours).

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