The A to Z Guide to Successful LED Screens Advertising

Quick Overview

The A to Z Guide to Successful LED Screens Advertising is a printed book about best practices in LED screens and digital billboards management. The book shares technical tips and best practices on LED screen selection, placement and management and explores how to create successful digital billboards campaings and apply marketing principles to increase conversion rates. It also shows how to get the most out of content creation and Customers targeting, so that you end up with intuitive and effective digital advertising. And lastly, you will also get a peek behind the curtains of EuroDisplay.

Product Description

The book has 171 pages in all, full of practical and useful knowledge for LED screens buyers, content designers and advertising sales staff. It contains 32 chapters and is printed in black and white. The book is a paperback and is 21 × 14 cm (8.27 × 5.5 inches).

The book is available exclusively from EuroDisplay and nowhere else. This first and only EuroDisplay book looks at LED screens rules of thumb, supplier selection criteria, content creation guidelines, Customers' targeting, sales best practices, as well as marketing and exclusive insights from top experts across the globe.

It was written by Fabio Aversa with the (sometimes unconscious) cooperation of Carmine Aversa (EuroDisplay founder), Philippe Montel (digital advertising consultant), Riccardo Lavezzo (LED screens owner), and the EuroDisplay technical team.

Discover How to Make Money with Your LED Screen -- or Your Money Back!

Are you interested in discovering proven “step-by-step” techniques to create a successful advertising business with your LED screen?

Would you like to discover the secrets of digital billboard advertising that even the best LED screens salesmen don’t know?

If you would like to install an LED screen and make money by selling advertising, this letter will help you avoid the costly mistakes that every beginner makes. Here's why:

The Problem is that Most Vendors Have NO IDEA of What They're Talking About

Yes, you read properly: they have no idea of what they're talking about. They might be technically prepared to show you the features of the LED screen they are trying to sell you… and they know all the persuasion techniques they learnt at the yearly sales training course… but when it comes to making money with LED screens, they are totally unprepared.

Which means that they know how to sell you the screen, but they cannot advise you on how to run it successfully. If you are an established advertising company with several led screens already installed, most probably you dont need this book. But if you are a small advertising company and you are considering to install your first digital billboard, than this book could literally save your business.

This Book Could Literally Save Your Business

This is why I wrote it. In it you will discover the worst mistakes you must avoid and the tactics you can implement to run your LED screen successfully: from the 10 basic steps to make money with your screen to the 9 techniques to create effective advertising, from the top 10 tips for first time buyers to the 7 free bonuses that you can steal and use immediately to grow your business.

So, instead of going through the lenghty and expensive trial-and-error phase which every first-time electronic billboard owner has to go through, you can now replicate this proven techniques and start your advertising business with the right foot.

Chapters' Overview

  1. How to Choose the Best Location

    Location, Location, Location. This is the foundation of a successful LED screen installation. This the most important step of the entire process and it requires a great deal of attention. I'll show you how to select the best location (and how to avoid the bad ones) by answering these 4 questions.
  2. How to Choose the Right LED Screen

    Once you found where to place the screen, it’s fundamental to select the billboard that better fits the installation’s visibility conditions. You will discover the 2 formulas you need to know to select the best screen depending on your installation.
  3. Virtual Pixel Technology: Pro and Cons

    If you have done a little research on LED screens, you probably have already heard of Virtual Pixel Technology, but you might still be a little confused about how it works, its advantages and disadvantages. I'll show you a simple 3-steps process to discover whether the Virtual Pixel technology is right for your particular case.
  4. How Much Does a LED Screen Cost?

    On the market you can find any range of price and quality. But before purchasing an LED screen you should ask yourself these 5 questions and rank them depending of the importance that each point has to you.
  5. How to Get the Authorization from the Authorities

    Every town is different and there is not a universal way to deal with the authorization requests. And whoever tells you the contrary, is lying. So how do you find your way in the bureaucracy? Here are the 9 things I’ve learned based on my Customers feedback.
  6. How to Install Your LED Screen

    Every installation is different for size, location and position. But here's you’ll find the 3 most common ways to install the screen, plus a simple table to calculate approximately how much the installation should cost you.
  7. Local Business or National Business?

    Most salesmen try to sell you the idea that with a nicer (and more expensive) screen, you can collect advertisement from national advertisers such as mobile phone carriers, car manufacturers etc. This is just a lie. Advertising LED billboard are a very local business, targeting advertisers located within 10/15 Kms from the screen. But don’t take my word for it and go to page 141 to see what 10 big multinational replied to me when I offered to run their ads for free on 100 screens.
  8. How to Define the Advertising Space Price

    Defining the advertising space price is the most challenging and important phase of the project (after getting the authorization). But how do you define the pricelist for advertising on your screen? Discover what is the “CPM” and why it is important, plus learn what is the tool that my successful Customers use to create their pricelist and download it for free.
  9. What Are the Running Costs of an LED Screen

    Once you installed the LED screen, the main investment is done but you should include the cost of running the equipment in your budget. Here's the 6 extra costs you must take into account.
  10. The Secret Formula To Great Ads

    A LED screen is only as good as the content it shows. And if your ads are not working, you will not sell a space. Here's the 10 DOs and DONTs to create great ads that will makes your Customers come back to you every month.
  11. How to Win the Customers

    The investment that the advertiser make, is aimed at obtaining very tangibles returns: you Customer expects its advertising investment to result in higher turnover. Since I know that it isn’t always easy easy to persuade your Customer on the potential of the LED screens, I summarized 10 key selling points that will help you close more deals.
  12. How to Define the Heavy User

    If you don’t know who the heavy user of you Customer product is, your advertisement won’t be effective and therefore your Customers won’t renew their contracts. Here's the 3 steps formula to identify the heavy users and target them properly.
  13. Who Is Your Customer and Where to Find Him

    Not all Customers are good. Some of them are bad: they will just waste your time and resources, continuously asking for further discounts and extra services. Discover how to “choose” the good and avoid the bad ones.
  14. Headlines Formulas That Sell

    In a newspaper, the headline is the title of each article, that should catch your attention and motivate you to start reading what’s below. But it is also the most important text element of your ads. I’ll show you how to create headlines that sell and will provide the formula of the 6 most effective headlines of all time.
  15. How to Format Images and Texts

    Despite of its huge size, an LED screen has usually much fewer pixels than a PC screen. How can you get the most out of the limited number of pixels available on the LED screen? I’ll show you the 4 rules you must absolutely follow to create amazing images and the 3 most effective layouts for your ads.
  16. How to Capture Audiences and Keep Them Engaged

    If you want to be successful you must sell your advertiser’s product. Here’s 3 ways to keep your audience engaged and interested in your LED video wall. Remember that “Content Is King” because your LED screen is only as good as the content it broadcast.
  17. Why the Playlist Software Is More Important than the LED Screen Itself

    The main mistake most people do is to focus their attention only to the hardware they are buying, paying almost no attention at all to the playlist software they are provided to run their expensive investment (which is equivalent to buying a new Ferrari, without caring too much if the steering wheel is working). Discover the 7 features your playlist software must have if you want to be successful.
  18. Which LEDs Are You Really Buying?

    Not all LEDs are the same and some LED screens suppliers try to take advantage of the name of respectable LEDs brands. You will discover 2 simple strategies you can use to find out if they are telling you the truth.
  19. Dedicated Proprietary Control System: Good or Evil?

    The expression “Dedicated Proprietary Control System” actually sounds very professional. But this fancy denomination hides some serious drawbacks that nobody ever tells you about. Until now.
  20. LED Screens Franchising: Advantages and Disadvantages

    In the LED screens industry, franchising became somewhat popular in Europe in the early 2000’s where it is offered as a form of “long term rental”, that lets you test the business model for a few months and with a fairly limited investment. Discover all the pros and cons of this business model and see if it is suitable for you.
  21. Air Conditioning: Pro and Cons

    In extremely hot weather condition, the air-conditioning system allows your LED screen to reach higher brightness without overheating and to extend the electronic components lifetime. But if there are such advantages, why aren't all LED screens on the market equipped with air conditioning? Discover when you should really use an A/C system and when instead it is just a way to solve a manufacturing problem of your supplier.
  22. Why “Best Quality At Lowest Prices” Is A Lie

    “Best Quality At Lowest Prices” sounds so tempting, and everybody wish it was true. But this is not possible in the digital billboard market, because larger volumes in this industry do not allow for price reduction… Discover why at page 119.

And so much more – I'm going to make you question everything you've ever learned about advertising on LED screens- no matter what “expert” you heard it from.

Please understand that this is definitely NOT the type of information you'll receive from the salesmen of the companies trying to sell you the screen. Nor you will find it in the other hundreds of advertising and marketing books available in the bookstores.

What Other People Say

You are probably asking yourself "Is the book really worth it?" Well, I can’t answer that question because I am obviously biased. But my readers and book reviewers can answer that question for me. Here are a few reviews from other readers:

The Only Book on LED Billboards Ever Written

LED screens are an effective advertising tool and their use worldwide is in constant growth. The sales forecast picture a 20% market increase within the next 3 years.

If you are already a student of marketing and advertising, you have understood the tremendous power of this medium and its advantages.

But even if you are not, this book will show you all the basics (and something more) you must know to successfully enter the advertising LED screens industry.

You Get 20 Times Your Money's Worth

This book is NOT cheap. It costs 299 Euros and it is sold with a 100% money-back guarantee.

But think... How much faster do you think you could make your advertising business successful? How much time will you save by making everything right from the get-go? How much money will you save without the costly mistakes everyone makes when they start a new business?

Wouldn't it be great to have all these tools, insider knowledge and resources at your disposal? Wouldn't it be wonderful to become an expert in advertising LED screen without spending years studying, experimenting and learning from your own mistakes?

I know that the knowledge in this book will easily save you much more than 6.000 Euros, which is 20 times its price. You can get twice that much just as a discount from your supplier, simply by using one of the techniques I indicated on page 69.

If you, like me, think that “Knowledge Is Power”, let me ask you this…

The Book Is Organized in 3 Parts:

  • Part #1, The 10 Steps to Start Your Business – which shows you the exact steps you must take to install your first LED screen.
  • Part #2, The 9 Rules to Create Effective Advertising – which explain how to identify your target audience and how to advertise to them effectively.
  • Part #3, Top 10 Tips for First Time Buyers – which reveals how to avoid the (sometimes un-ethical) techniques manufacturers use to sell LED screens.

Order Now and Get These 7 Bonuses

  • Free Bonus #1: Visual Manager Software

    This software lets you schedule a playlist to be broadcasted on your LED screen. You can define in which order the ads on your LED billboard and in which days of the week you want a particular ad to run. The only limit is your imagination!
  • Free Bonus #2: ADvantage Software - Create Your Business Plan in Minutes

    In order to calculate your return on investment, you must keep into consideration several factors such as cost of the equipment and installation, amortization period, number of Customers, average selling-price etc… Here’s the software to create a business plan with 5 different selling scenarios in under 3 minutes.
  • Free Bonus #3: Checklist for a Successful LED Screen Deployment

    Smart planning makes a big difference in LED Screen projects. This checklist gives you a framework for planning your installation. Using this form will save you time and money, while accelerating the process.
  • Free Bonus #4: LED Screen Manufacturer Assessment Plan

    A sample Suppliers Scorecard to assess each of your potential suppliers. You can use it to evaluate and compare your potential LED screen suppliers, or you can change the weights according to your objectives. Otherwise just refer to it as a blueprint to create your own scorecard, with your own performance measures.
  • Free Bonus #5: Installation Checklist: The Chronological Table

    I learned the hard way that to make a trouble-free installation you need (1) good planning and (2) division of labour. On this page you find in chronological order all the steps to be ready on installation day (and who is in charge for them), to avoid hitches and delays.
  • Free Bonus #6: Authorization Request Sample

    Knowing the “right people” will often speed up the process, but submitting a professional request is the first step to obtain the authorization. Here’s a sample of how the authorization request should look like.
  • Free Bonus #7: 77 Powerful Headlines Formulas

    In a newspaper, the headline is the title of each article, that should catch your attention and motivate you to start reading what’s below. But it is also the most important text element of your ads. Without a headline that attracts attention, the rest of your ad may as well not even exist, because nobody will look at it. Here's 77 of the most effective headlines formulas of all times.

Free Shipping Worldwide

In case you are wondering, the book is shipped for free anywhere in the World on the following business day. So you can start reading within a few days.

How to Order the Book

To order the book right now, just click the button below. You can pay with PayPal or Credit Card. The book is shipped via express courier within 24 hours.

I look forward to reading your success story.

Fabio Aversa, MBA, PMP

P.S. Remember that you have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee and Free Shipping Worldwide. This is a unique risk-free opportunity to avoid costly mistakes and discover how to make money with your digital billboard.

P.P.S. I'll share everything you need know to be a successful entrepreneur... using the very same time-tested techniques used by my successful Clients. This book contains over 171 pages of raw, uncut tactics and secrets you can use immediately to make money with your advertising LED billboard.

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